Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tate's Keeps swinging

Tonight marks the start of our 4th year of Jazz Night at Tate's Bar in Winston-Salem. Jazz night is an open jazz night meaning people can sit in. The host group is me, Matt Kendrick on bass, John Wilson on drums and Ken Rhodes on piano. Tate's is a long narrow bar that serves good drinks. It is a bar which they allow us to turn into a Jazz spot once  a week. The audiences have been good in many ways. Good listeners, good people and good numbers. This enables the gig to continue. The people sitting in are very good. The level of musician is high. I'm amazed and very grateful for the scene that has developed here. We have a real piano and a small PA. Everything is pretty much acoustic. 
Come  by some Tuesday 8-11pm
 Tate’s Bar
279 West 4th Street
Winston-Salem, NC 27101         

Here is the trio w/ Chick Freeman on Alto Sax
  John Wislon-drums   Matt Kendrick-bass   Ken Rhodes-piano
 my bass
 view from the balcony
 Mike Kinchen-sax
Stone I.P.A.
View from the bar
 Cameron-trombone  Mike-sax  A.J.-Sax

                                                   Matt Kosma-tenor sax
Roberto Orihuela-vibes

Chic Freeman-sax   Joe Quinde-drums
the bar

Brian Miller-sax, Matt Kosma-sax, Chris Hankins-sax

Sunday, March 18, 2012


Nicolas Payton being interviewed by Willard Jenkins.

Nicholas Payton is right on and makes sense. I would consider myself a BAM professor and Jazz specialist in academia. Great interview. Willard, as usual, does a great job. I would have to say in essence the term  BAM is academic. Could jazz be a subset of BAM? I have a little school show I do called "The Creators Of Jazz".  We cover: Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Charlie Parker, Miles Davis and John Coltrane. I have a power point going that has lots of pictures of the artists.  So they get the picture.  Teaching jazz is not really a classroom endeavor but more of a hang playing tunes. His thoughts on that are great. It's so true. I teach like I learned. We play tunes and lots of blues. I tell them if they don't listen to the music they'll never play it.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I Found The Dead Sea Scrolls and heckled the band.

Sometimes gigs can get a little strange. I was playing The Big Chill a fund raiser for The Shalom Project in Winston-Salem, NC. We were playing in the Gazebo in Grace Court Park Sunday 7/18/10. I was playing with Ken Rhodes-piano, John Wilson-drum and Diana Tuffin-vocals.
Everything was going along fine. We were playing jazz standards and such. The weather was threatening in the West and then the threats were real. Rain and lighting, a big storm. We packed and were huddled in the middle of the Gazebo trying to stay dry and alive.
This fellow came running in from the rain. No problem. He took his shirt off and wrung it out. He was kind of talking low and I wasn't paying much attention. I kind of looked at him and he says, looking at me, in his British accent; "I found the Dead Sea Scrolls". I tried to be cool. I thought, OK, this will get interesting now. Then it starts:
"You Christians do not want to see the second coming of Christ. Oh No. Father Son and Holy Ghost. You do not want to see it." He went on about that for a while and then: "You need to play" I kind of looked up and waved my hand around. It was raining and lighting. He said "You need to play! Play! Play like an Englishman!" His voice was rising. "Play" he shouted "Play like the Englishmen on the Titanic did. Play!!" This goes on for a while. Then he walks swiftly and resolutely through the park shouting at us to "Play! Play like real Christians. Play!!" until he disappeared across 4th street heckling the band into the sunset.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Speakeasy Open Mic Night "Broadway"

This video is from 2008. It was an open mic night at The Speakeasy in Winston-Salem.
Sammy Anflick is playing drums. R.I.P. Sammy. Melva Houston is singing, Dave Fox is playing piano and Matt Kendrick , that's me, playng bass.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year

It's slow winter time now. I had a new years gig in High Point. It was a dinner thing that was over at 10. Trio with Wally West sax and Mark Freundt piano. We played a bunch of standards. We got a very nice meal with this gig too. After that I went to a party with my wife and saw a lot of old friends. I had me a real good time.

Saturday 1/2/10 was wedding reception for a bunch of musician/educator types. We played jazz. I got to play through one of those Bose tower pa things. It was pretty cool.
Wally, Mark and John Wilson on drums. It was in Greensboro.

09 was a decent year.I played a lot and some artistic success. I am hoping for good 2010. I want to record some new stuff.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I'm Dreaming of some new tunes

Here is the gig info for Dec 14,15,16,and 17th. The weekend was snowed out. I didn't have much on the weekend anyway.

Monday 12/14 was the big gig for the hospital trio. Wally, Wiley and Matt. I played my upright electric bass and used a chorus effect some for the big smooth jazz sound.
The urb is like Jaco on steroids. The chicken wings were really good.

Tuesday 12/15 I played a Christmas party at Nobels Resturant in W.S. They closed the place down for these people. Very loud and great food. I had Salmon and Cream of Tomato Soup. It was a trio, piano,bass and drums. Karen, my wife on piano and John Wilson on drums.

Wednesday 12/16 was an old folks home in Greensboro in the morning. They had a good time with the quartet of piano,bass, drums and sax. We played White Christmas twice and the same guy was still asking for it. That night I played at Knollwood Baptist Church with 2 guitars and drums. It was their Jazz Christmas dinner. Greg Hyslop sounded great on guitar as did Ken Wilson. Bill Poole did a fine job on drums.

Thursday finished things up for this very busy Holiday Season. I played a hospital up in Reidsville with the Hospital trio. That evening I played for the Urban League's Holiday
party with John on drums and Wiley Porter on guitar. The gigs were all Christmas all the time.

Merry F'in Christmas.